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ProperMAP Services

Following are the services offered by ProperMAP:

  • ProperMAP Real Estate Connector (REC)
  • ProperMAP Real Estate Connector (REC) allows live property chat for real estate property sellers and buyers in the country.
    Please see Real Estate Help for more details about REC.

  • Search Locations
  • People can search for any type of property in any city/country around the world. Also, they can contact the property owner for further information. No login is required and it is absolutely FREE.
  • Map Search - Search for property in maps by category and distance
  • Property Search - Search for property name and description (both globally and locally)
  • Link Locations
  • If you add all the property (or branches of your company/business/institution) in the map, you will get a unique link to show all your locations added on the map.  You can put this link in your company website/blog. You have to create a simple FREE account to add the property and to get the link to the locations added by you. Thus, people who visit your website will get a direct link to the property and locations added by you.
  • You can create a FREE cutomer login in the Map Search page.
    For real estate property listing details, see Free Real Estate Listing in Maps (Step by Step).
    For business listing details, see Free Business Location Listing in Maps (Step by Step).
  • You can get the embeddable html and hyperlink code to the property listings corresponding to your login, by entering your loginname below and selecting 'Get Link'.
  • Get your link (If you have a login account)

    Map Type:
    Width:   Height:  

    Text Link: (If you want to change your full name in the link, please visit your profile.)


    Image Link:


    IFrame Link:


    Static Image IFrame Link:


    For more information on how to use ProperMAP, see FAQ
    For more information on how to add and manage your properties in ProperMAP, see Help
    If you have any issues or suggestions using ProperMAP, please report it here.

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